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Brock Q. Piper - Artist
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Brock is a multidisciplinary Australian artist currently

living and practicing in Sydney Australia.

Piper cites multiple influences on his work, from Greek

mythology to Mayan rituals and Tom Waits. His

artworks provide the ideal medium for him to convey a

myriad of ideas in layers of oil paint. In his work we find

colourful, bold imagery with theatrical expression.


His colourful work is strongly centered in

storytelling and narrative. As Piper describes,

storytelling is a fundamental part of what we are as

human beings; to convey fundamental truths through

the use of illusion and metaphors is a kind of magic.

Piper draws from storytelling traditions from ancient

Greece, to modern day life, playing out the faults and

virtues of what it is to be human.


Brock uses thin layers of oil paint to create an image

that alludes to a sense of both creation and

destruction. An aesthetic that plays with illuminating

and obscuring elements hidden within; layers are

eroding as they are being replaced.

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