Bali 2019

21st - 28th September

Come join us on this immersive trip to work, learn and create! If you are interested in improving your art practice, trying something new and discovering the amazing hidden gems of the beautiful island of Bali, we would love you to join us on this exclusive and fully immersive art journey


Bali 2020

Bali is a beautiful island, often only seen through the lens of the touristy parts of south Bali. This trip will give you the opportunity to explore a very different side of Bali, seeing Bali as artists. Most importantly, having a whole week to dedicate to your art and to develop and grow your artistic practice is something that is so hard to make time for in Australia. This trip gives us the chance to open up to some exciting new possibilities in your own creative journeys, to explore new ideas and techniques for your work. 

Coming soon

Brock Q. Piper


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