"Our daughter has had Brock as an art teacher for the last four years and has always found his classes entertaining, educational and inspiring. Our daughter's passion for art is a big part of why we continue to book classes with Brock - she gets so much more out of his class than just the art projects themselves."

- Claudia Mazuelos


BQP Studio was established to provide a one of a kind comprehensive art education for artists of all abilities and backgrounds.

We provide an inclusive environment, one that encourages each to discover their inner creativity and explore visual language. 



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Art critic and writer,

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Critic and collector over 2 years experience.

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is one of Melbourne's most exciting artists and educators, and the founder of BQP Studio. Winner of the 2021 George Hicks Foundation: Victorian Artists Society Contemporary Art prize, his artistic practice spans more than 10 years and includes exhibitions in galleries all around Australia and artist residencies in L.A. and Mexico. As an educator, his unique classes are thoughtful, hands-on and inspiring, drawing on years of experience teaching for all ages at private art schools, TAFEs, and Corrections Victoria.