Brock. Q. PIPER takes an anthropological approach to his compositions. His work reflects the mythology and the mythos of travel and of the people that are intertwined within the artist’s journey. 


Brock’s works are as much about the viewer as they are the historical and cultural narratives woven into the work; an outsider’s observations of cultural ambiguity and the mythological landscapes that invite you into the world the artist travels through. Surreal abstractions of memory and the role that travel has on the multidisciplinary artist practice. 


Brock users very thin layers of oil paint to create an image that alludes to a sense of both creation and destruction. An aesthetic that plays with illuminating and obscuring elements hidden within; layers are eroding as they are being replaced. 


His work employs a deep understanding of colour theory and oil glazing techniques to have the work evolve and to reveal hidden elements, only visible through the changing light of the day.



Private and corporate collections Australia and The United States of America


Mexico City - January, February 2020

Linden House St Kilda November 2019  - November 2020

Los Angeles - Eastside International - January 2019​


Finalist - Contemporary Art Awards 2019 - Queensland Government - AUS

Finalist - EGAG WRAP 2018 - AUS

Finalist -  Agendo Art Prize 2017 – AUS


Judge - Victorian Artist Society Contemporary Art Award 2019 - AUS

Judge - Victorian Young Artist of the Year 2019 - AUS



Avis - The Art of Discovery 2019

2017 Yours and Owls Festival Main Stage design 

Slowerdawn Textiles




Artist Interview - Cornah Willis January 2021

QANTAS Magazine June 2019​

​ Avis - The Art of Discovery 2019 ​


​ Tumut and Adelong Times May 2019 

The road less travelled: The tough choices behind the art of Brock Q. Piper 27 Feb 2019 Andrew McIlroy

LIBERAL ECLECTIC July 2018 : The Valley – Below: Acts of defiance


​1340Art International Art Magazine Q1 2018 


 LIBERAL ECLECTIC Jan 2018 : BROCK Q PIPER: Caught in another realm… 




Graduate Certificate of Visual Arts VCA Melbourne University (Current 2020)

Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts with a Major in painting 2006 - 2008



Melbourne Art Republic 

EST 2020

Box Hill Institute

2020 - present  

Victorian Artist Society

2019 - present 

Chisholm Institute

2019 - 2020 


Melbourne Polytechnic

2018 – 2020

Melbourne Studio of ART 

2017- 2020

ART Encounters

2017- 2020

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Photography on this website is courtesy of the Artist and Henry Trumble