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Brock Q. Pipers's work chronicles his travels around the world, drawing on the diverse storytelling traditions he has encountered and exploring myths and legends (including his own) creating works that resonate with both the artists and audiences own mortality within the many layers of thin oil paint glazes.

Brock’s works are as much about the viewer as they are the historical and cultural narratives woven into the work; an outsider’s observations of cultural ambiguity and the mythological landscapes and of the people that are intertwined within the artist’s journey, inviting you into the world the artist travels through. Stories are a vital and important parts of us and we convey fundamental truth with stories - something honest, important that is shared through allusion and metaphor.

Using skillful understanding of colour theory and his own oil glazing techniques, his work is capable of developing and revealing hidden elements only visible when the light changes. This results in a picture of both creation and destruction. An aesthetic that plays with illuminating and obscuring elements hidden within; layers are eroding as they are being replaced.

Surreal abstractions of memory and the role that travel has on the multidisciplinary artist practice. There is a fundamental/elemental magic that exists with the work, the light dances and succumbs to itself, translucent layers weave and wash over the canvas to reveal and distort the hidden work below.


You are not alone with the work, the artist is here with you, he takes you on a journey of unknown rituals and cultures one can only imagine. Something big and true and important that you might not otherwise get - passed as a rite of passage to children and adults. Exploring human truths through a language that transcends time. We are drawn to the narrative of a place, the remains of history that are built up through the layers of time leftovers from religions