In these workshops, Brock will help us explore the principles of abstraction and better understand the techniques used in making abstract works. Learn new skills in freeing up your hand in abstract art practices, come along and join in with some relaxing techniques to get your creative juices flowing, there is something for all skills sets, from the beginners to the advanced painters. – Each workshop will run through its own set of activities, come to one, or both but places are limited so get in quick.


These two intensive workshops are aimed at bringing your subject back into the work, exploring how abstraction can be derived from reality. We will look at analysing and really understanding our subject, to produce works that are exciting and loaded with content. Along with a strong focus on composition and appreciating the theories of colour, weight and balance, this workshop is a fun way to help with creators’ block, or to invigorate your practice in a friendly environment. 

Brock Q. Piper


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