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As an artist, I am compelled to explore personal experiences and translate them into paintings, drawings and poems to express that which cannot be understood without the abstraction of creation. It’s about one’s own past being observed outside of context, and how we self-assess by explore the past through our present understandings. 



I use human figures, animals and birds, as metaphors for memories. For me, the fleeting moment of a bird or figure captured in motion can be likened to the way in which memories are experienced. Fragments that come and go from our present; appearing, then lost again, caught in a moment and then distorted in time. Figures seem to twist, change and reform on the canvas, tangible but constantly evolving as we view the work. I investigate the way that a hand, a foot or even a wing can hold tension and thus uses them as anchors of interest between the viewer and painting. He creates passages into the narrative of the composition to unveil the complexity of themes within the work.


I explore the imagery within my work through the use of layers, allowing the forms to evolve and dissolve on the canvas. As an exploration of self, I am dissecting my life as if it were a specimen pinned down to be examined, twisted and manipulated into its final resolution.


 The act of painting is one of dredging the past. A way of forging a visual story by conjuring history. It is a cathartic act of interpreting and understanding self and lived experiences. There is a little part of you that gets left behind in the work, like a shard of your soul embedded within the layers of paint

My work explores composition through the reduction of colour, breaking it down into one hue with subtle tonal alterations, to focus the eye on looking into the work to discover hidden imagery.  Each picture is made up of layer upon layer of different hues. What may appear “blue” or “red” is actually based up on building hues through thin layers of oil paint. A Painting may start off as red and end up bluer and vice versa. Using oils in thin layers, Piper is conscious of the way that light – and the light throughout the day, interacts with the work, and how imagery hidden within the work, are revealed in different angles and lights. 


One can never really know how a work will turn out. For me, I have always relished the battle that is painting, and endure to push my work to the brink of complete self-destruction in order to be as honest as possible within my work, while maintaining the ambiguity of abstraction. It is this distraction from reality that allows me to embed my entire consciousness into my work. 


Brock Q. Piper


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